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Pierce’s personal account of the accident that claimed the lives of his wife and daughter, as well as, their impact on the world is told in a riveting story. …
The book remarkably, is not about loss, but a celebration of life. …
The Last Rose is a must-read. I found myself reaching for a tissue more than once as the author’s words pierced my heart with genuine affection and determination to communicate hope. His words inspire the reader to reflect, review his or her own state of consciousness, and push one to positive action. Clearly the reader will find a beautiful love story, of a man and his wife and a father with his daughter.
The Last Rose is a beautiful tribute to the lives of two people that sincerely blessed the lives of others. ...
For those who like to engage in sentimental reminiscing, this is the perfect book.
The Last Rose is a tear jerking, soul searching experience. Grab a box of tissues and possibly chocolate and enjoy the ride.
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The Last Rose is a powerful work filled with the thoughts of a man who has faced more than any one person ought to face and has come away victorious, able to honor the memory of precious loved ones and move forward in his own life through service to others. A must have for the therapist's shelf, the personal reading list and the person in need of an inspirational work.

"My goal is not only to honor the memories of my wife and daughter, but to encourage others who are grieving a tragic loss to share their feelings," Pierce states. "It's important to remember that life goes on after death, and the power of love is able to heal all wounds."
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