JoAnn M. Pierce
    4/12/1941 - 3/6/2004 
  Lisa Ann Pierce
     8/31/1968 -  3/8/2004

THOMAS PIERCE resides in Vineland, New Jersey, near his daughter, Kathy, and her husband, Steve. He has been a computer programmer and consultant all of his life, although he is bemusedly considering “professional speaker” as a new title for his resume. Business entrepreneur is another, as he is co-owner of The Legacy, a restaurant dedicated to the memory of his late wife and daughter. Pierce believes that love never dies, and that love and positive thoughts are the most creative forces in our lives.



The lives of those involved in the water taxi accident in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in 2004 were changed forever. Now, survivor Tom Pierce shares what he lost and what he gained on that tragic day. In a celebration of two lives that touched everyone around them, both in life and death, this book teaches the overwhelming power of love. 


*  *  *


“Tom Pierce is that rare individual who turned a personal tragedy into a lesson for all of us in the helping professions. He and his family show us the importance of giving back to those in need.”

—Frank Miller, Executive Director of the American Red Cross – Central Maryland Chapter


"As an astronomer, I’ve come to realize that there’s more than just gravity holding our amazing universe together. There’s also love. It’s the kind of love that reaches from this world to the nextas so movingly told in Tom Pierce’s remarkable book.”

—James Mullaney, former Director of the DuPont Planetarium, and former Editor of Sky & Telescope Magazine


The Last Rose is a story of survival and true love. It begins with one of the worst accidents in the history of Baltimore. But this tale quickly becomes a stunning story of how true love prevails—beyond tragedy, beyond death, beyond everything you ever thought you knew about life.”

—Tisha Thompson, reporter, WMAR-TV in Baltimore


"Tom Pierce has found the courage and faith to share his tragic experience of losing both his wife and daughter within hours of one another. The day of the accident will never be forgotten by anyone that was in any way involved, but Tom's amazing strength and compassion under the most difficult circumstances has been a lesson to us all and deeply appreciated."
James Piper Bond, President & CEO, Living Classrooms Foundation

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